Chemical Development

We offer from discovering a route of synthesis and the development of small molecules in the laboratory and its viability at an industrial level.

RoS Scouting (bibliographical searches, SciFinder®)

Proof of concept

IP Analysis

Process Optimization


Determination of Critical Quality Parameters

Chemical Optimization (yield, cost, purity, …)

Environmental improvement of processes (waste reduction, ecofriendly solvent/ reagents, efficiency, …)

Safety studies (thermal risk assessment)

Search of raw materials sources

Study of economic feasibility

Custom synthesis at lab-scale (from mg to grams) of candidate products

Synthesis and characterization of standards

Synthesis and characterization of impurities

Technology transfer to pilot and industrial plant

Support to ASMF/ IMPD


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Galenic development >

Analytical lab >

Packaging service >

Storage & distribution >