Scale-up and Pilot batches for APIs

Scaling of the process to an industrial level in reactors of up to 500 L. We work under GMP and quality control standards. Small preliminary scale-up in the laboratory to study the feasibility of the process in progressive volume reactors.

Process Scale-up

Custom synthesis (from 1 kg up to hundreds of kg).

Pilot batches (from 1 kg to 100 kg).

Validation batches.

Manufacturing of GMP batches for clinical trials.

Manufacturing of Intermediates and APIs.


6 reactor lines (from 60 to 500 L) .

Cooling-heating system by thermal oil (from -15 ºC to 220 ºC).

Cryogenic reactions up to -80 ºC (liquid nitrogen).

6 glass-lined reactors.

9 Stainless steel and Hastelloy reactors.

Pressure/hydrogenation reactions up to 400 bars.

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